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EZ Dock Sections

EZ Dock’s exclusive beige coloured floating boat dock sections are attractive and cool to the touch, even on the hottest of summer days.

EZ Dock Sections are rotomolded from low-linear density polyethylene, and have a patented hollow-chamber that creates pressure and suction-this is what makes EZ Dock the most stable floating dock system on the market.

The light beige colour allows light penetration, but is not hurt by UV rays.

Patented coupler connectors are used to attach the EZ Dock Sections. The special coupler design allows flexibility that works with the waves-not against them. Both patented design features work together to create a more stable floating dock, pontoon, or jetty. Whatever you call your dock, EZ Dock invites you to walk on the competition, and then walk on an EZ Dock before you make your purchase. You will feel and see the difference with your very first step!

Modular docks by EZ Dock are easy to maintain and come in a variety of anchoring options. Each floating boat dock section is part of a versatile modular design that remains securely connected. and since the dock is modular, you can design a dock system that has the perfect layout for your needs, or even add sections at later date.

EZ Dock Sections are patented one-piece, self-floating designs that are fast and easy to install. You can choose to install EZ Dock Sections yourself or we can install it for you.

No foam means EZ Dock is friendly to the environment.

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