EZ Dock Selections

EZ Dock’s exclusive beige coloured floating boat dock sections are attractive and cool to the touch, even on
the hottest of summer days.

EZ Dock Sections are rotomolded from low-linear density polyethylene, and have a patented hollow-chamber
that creates pressure and suction-this is what makes EZ Dock the most stable floating dock system on the

The light beige colour allows light penetration, but is not hurt by UV rays.

Patented coupler connectors are used to attach the EZ Dock Sections. The special coupler design allows
flexibility that works with the waves-not against them. Both patented design features work together to
create a more stable floating dock, pontoon, or jetty. Whatever you call your dock, EZ Dock invites you
to walk on the competition, and then walk on an EZ Dock before you make your purchase. You will feel and
see the difference with your very first step!

Modular docks by EZ Dock are easy to maintain and come in a variety of anchoring options. Each floating
boat dock section is part of a versatile modular design that remains securely connected. and since the
dock is modular, you can design a dock system that has the perfect layout for your needs, or even add
sections at later date.

EZ Dock Sections are patented one-piece, self-floating designs that are fast and easy to install. You can
choose to install EZ Dock Sections yourself or we can install it for you.

No foam means EZ Dock is friendly to the environment.

EZ Dock Size Comparison

EZ Boat Port ®

Keeping your boat high and dry has never been so easy. The EZ Boat Port ® is a simple and stable drive-on,
drive-off method of docking for boats in a wide range of sizes up to 5,000 lbs. Removable and changeable
bunks can accommodate hull shapes from flat-bottoms to deep-Vs, making this the perfect choice for boats
including skiffs, fishing boats, and jet boats. The EZ BoatPort® is also available with side extensions for
additional walk-around room and access to the sides of your boat for cleaning, maintenance, and covering.



  • Configurations to fit multiple boats shapes and sizes
  • Dry storage to extend the life of your boat
  • Self-floating chambers that move with the changing water levels
  • Works with existing floating or fixed docks
  • Can be used in as little as 2 ft. of water
  • No winching, cranking or hoisting
  • Available with 6 air assist options

Personal Watercraft

Just Launched for the summer, comes the next generation in personal watercraft lifts (PWC). The EZ Port® Max
is designed to accommodate the increasing size and weight of todays’ PWC’s.

EZ Port personal watercraft lifts are the original, drive-on, push-off method of dry-docking your PWC. There
is no need for winching, cranking, pumping, or hoisting. EZ Port PWC lifts are capable of lifting any
Sea-Doo, JetSki, or Wave runner. Plus, supplemental floatation is available for larger and heavier PWCs
Personal Watercraft Lifts.

EZ Port PWC lifts can be mounted as part of the EZ Dock floating modular dock system, to any existing dock,
or used as a stand-alone docking station. EZ Port adjusts with water levels and protects your personal
watercraft from damage caused by wind or wave action.

EZ Port is a one-piece unit with adjustable rollers making docking and launching a breeze. Rollers are easily
adjusted to fit any type of Sea-Doo, Wave runner, or JetSki.

EZ Port PWC lift installation requires few tools and very little time. However, installation is available if
needed. The EZ Port dry-docking system is the fastest, simplest, and easiest personal watercraft storage to
use. Contact us to help decide which one is right for you.

EZ Dock Personal Watercraft

Kayak Launch

Launching and docking your kayak or canoe has never been easier. Our kayak and canoe EZ Launch® System is perfect for small boat lovers of all experience levels, from the beginners who have never been in a boat, to the advanced kayakers! Everyone will find boarding, launching and recovery a breeze. EZ Dock kayak launch and canoe launch is a safe and easy way to launch and dock kayaks and canoes. Small boat enthusiasts will feel confident transferring into their watercraft independently and securely, and launching with stability and ease, regardless of tide fluctuation or waves created by wind or boat traffic.

EZ Launch ® System

The EZ Launch® System is a safe and easy way to launch and dock kayaks and canoes. Great for people with
disabilities, children or seniors. Users will feel confident transferring into their watercraft
independently and securely, and launching with stability and ease.


  • Guide rails for easy access in and out of the water
  • Launch rollers for easy movement of the watercraft
  • Floating platform that adjusts to changing water levels
  • EZ Launch® for Universal Access

A first in the industry, the EZ Launch® Accessible Transfer System for kayaks and canoes provides individuals
with disabilities accessibility that exceeds the minimum requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA). The easy-to-use transfer bench and transfer slide boards allow users to simply sit, slide over and
drop down into a kayak or canoe then use the side rails to pull off or back on.

Universal Access Features:

  • Transfer bench with two heights for easy transfer from wheelchairs
  • Transfer slide boards with two heights for differing watercraft sizes
  • Railing system for slide board stabilization and transfer support for easy side movement
EZ Dock - EZ Launch System

Gangways & Ramps

Imagine strolling down to your dock walking on your beautiful, secure aluminum gangway without worry about
slipping and not having to watch your every step along the way! That is what the owners of Lakeside Boat Dock
Gangways do every time they walk out to their dock! Constructed of 6061 aluminum trusses and frames, with a
smooth yet tough walking surface made of ThruFlo decking, a smooth secure handrail placed at a convenient
height with mid rails to protect children from falling through, Lakeside Boat Dock aluminum gangways are an
excellent aesthetic feature to add to your waterfront. With a Lakeside Boat Dock Gangway System, you’ll find
yourself and your family even spending more time on the dock because access is secure, smooth and safe.

Gangways & Ramps

Lakeside Boat Dock has created two distinct product lines for Gangways & Ramps:

  1. A Residential Gangway product line to suit most waterfront homeowners
  2. A line of Commercial Gangways most suitable for public needs complete with engineering wet stamp.

Both product lines are compatible with the EZ Dock system and are compatible with other types of dock
systems. Fabricated by certified welders at our climate controlled welding shop and storage facility. Our gangways can be specially fabricated to customize to your individual needs, including
options for wheelchair and limited access needs. Lakeside Boat Dock also manufactures a line of tough galvanized steel hinges and roller systems for adapting the gangways to suit virtually any application! Ez Dock
Okanagan is a subsidiary of Lakeside Boat Dock.

Dock Accessories

Dock Accessories Make the Dock! EZ Dock knows how valuable your relaxation time is. Every piece of our dock
systems are engineered to ensure safe, durable, and low maintenance features. Our engineering and design
teams are also water enthusiasts. This team knows what it means to have fun in the sun! EZ Dock keeps
creating products to use with your EZ Dock floating docks and personal watercraft lifts to maximize your
relaxation time. Many of our accessory products can be used with existing wood docks as well. Check with
your local dealer to see which products are right for your dock.

Dock Accessories

Dock Bumper

Part#: 300180 : This sturdy dock bumper is designed to protect your boat and dock from impact and scuffing at the gunwales and rub rails. It installs easily using embedded T-nuts.

EZ Stow Storage Box

Part#: 300750 : Our dock box is a great place to store life jackets, towels and other essential supplies. It is permanently mounted and constructed of weather-resistant materials.

Corner Storage Box

Part#: 300760 : The corner dock box offers roomy storage in a compact design that does not interfere with foot traffic. Connection boxes for complete utility hookups are also available.

Dock Slide

Part#: 300760 : Dock Slide Our slide adds family fun to your floating dock. It has safe, durable, polyvinyl-coated steps and a one-piece polyethylene bed-way for a smooth ride. Install with almost any EZ Dock where water depth is more than 5′ (1.5m).

Floating Dock Bench

Part#: 300965, 300970(w/arm rest) : This sturdy dock bumper is designed to protect your boat and dock from impact and scuffing at the gunwales and rub rails. It installs easily using embedded T-nuts.

Swim Ladder

Part#: 300260 : The EZ Dock swim ladder is a one-piece, polyethylene piece with no exposed hardware and slip-resistant textured surfaces that stay cool in hot weather. Weight capacity is up to 400 pounds (181kg).

Tie-Down Cleats

Part#: 300100 : EZ Dock tie down cleats attach to heavy-duty, stainless steel T-nuts molded in pairs around our dock section perimeters. Each cleat is 8″ (20.32cm) long.

12″ Tie Up Cleat

Part#: 300112 : Made from galvanized steel for heavier duty use and larger dock lines.

10″ Tie Up Cleat

Part#: 300110 : Made from polished marine-grade aluminum for heavier duty use and large dock lines.


Once you have created your EZ Dock, you will need to select an anchoring system to work with your existing
piling or with your new installation. Our wide-variety of anchoring components can accommodate most water
conditions and bottoms (deep, shallow, rough, muddy or sandy), and are simple to install. EZ Dock anchoring
products are made from long-lasting, durable materials that can accommodate from standard to heavy-duty
demands. We can help you select the anchoring system that is right tor your location.


“Full Service Dock Supplier”

we repair all types of docks


EZ Docks are Versatile

EZ Dock’s polyethylene construction provides outstanding modularity, superb buoyancy, functionality, & safety. That makes for an extremely versatile dock system.


EZ Docks are Durable

EZ Dock’s polyethylene construction & revolutionary connection couplers allow the sections to move independently under high-stress conditions, while still providing unified firmness.

It's Easy

EZ Docks are Easy!

The EZ Dock system is easily configured to suit most any need. Combine various size sections and accessories to create a simple swim platform or an elaborate multiple-slip marina.