Lakeside Boat Docks

Lakeside Boat Docks top-of-the-line marina-grade dock—is constructed of 100% aluminum (not including floats), and is built to last the lifetime of your boating equipment and beyond. These docks will be around for the long haul. That’s why they’re ideal for government, commercial and high-end custom home applications. Our dock utilizes a heavy aluminum frame with foam filled floats in conjunction with a large rubber coupler, giving the dock a unified feel over the entire complex. If you’re looking for a combination of aesthetics and the highest quality, LAKESIDE BOAT DOCKS are the ideal choice. Additionally, LAKESIDE BOAT DOCKS are available with decking that allows light to pass through, ensuring Endangered Species Act compliance. The decks can be specified in exotic wood, coloured grating, or whatever the end user might want.

Multi-Boat Dock
Wide array of gangway, ramp and accessories

Each dock is custom fabricated. We offer a wide array of gangway, ramp and accessories options to make your LAKESIDE BOAT DOCK ideal for your needs. If you’ve ever wanted a custom, professional, marina-grade dock for your residence or business, The LAKESIDE BOAT DOCK is the premium option.

LAKESIDE BOAT DOCKS are available in a multitude of sizes and dimensions
Full Service Dock Supplier

LAKESIDE BOAT DOCKS are available in a multitude of sizes and dimensions—whatever your marine environment calls for. And as with all our Boat Dock products, the company can provide maintenance services as needed.

“Full Service Dock Supplier”

we repair all types of docks


EZ Docks are Versatile

EZ Dock’s polyethylene construction provides outstanding modularity, superb buoyancy, functionality, & safety. That makes for an extremely versatile dock system.


EZ Docks are Durable

EZ Dock’s polyethylene construction & revolutionary connection couplers allow the sections to move independently under high-stress conditions, while still providing unified firmness.

It's Easy

EZ Docks are Easy!

The EZ Dock system is easily configured to suit most any need. Combine various size sections and accessories to create a simple swim platform or an elaborate multiple-slip marina.